Ariella Forstein is a World Music Songstress who has performed on over 400 stages.

She is also a Vocal Empowerment Coach recognized internationally for her unique work that liberates people from self-judgment and brings them to self-love, so they can freely and joyfully express their most authentic selves on stage, in business, and in relating with those around them.

One of Ariella's favorite spots to be – “home” – is on stage.

It’s that uncanny energy exchanged between her and the audience when singing from the soul, that energizes her being in a very healing way… and simultaneously, connecting with clients, friends, and family on deep levels.

She wants to know, 'What is your heart's yearning? What do you ache for?' And she wants to support you lovingly so that you may experience those things in your lifetime.

When not working, Ariella loves being in nature, laughing with friends, and hand blending teas.