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5-Week Executive Vocal Power Package for Executives, Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Session 1: VOCAL TECHNIQUE & BEGINNINGS (1.25 hrs.)

-Create Personalized Action Plan
-Essential Vocal Technique: Projection, breath support, enunciation, inflection
-Introductory vocal warm-ups

Session 2: YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE (1.25 hrs.)

-Connect vocal technique to the speaking voice
-Next level vocal warm-ups
-Harness your Authentic Voice: Connecting mind and heart

Session 3: FREEDOM IN VOICE + BODY (1.25 hrs.)

-Posture & alignment
-Vocal Freedom techniques: Relaxing the voice and mind
-Guided relaxation meditations for stress-relief and high impact work/life scenarios

Session 4: PRESENCE & UNSTOPPABILITY (1.25 hrs.)

-Getting Present- Techniques to recognize and relieve anxiety/stress
-Being Present- Techniques to public speaking and interacting with confidence, clarity and conviction

Session 5:  FIELD PRACTICE & TRANSFORM (1.25 hrs.)

-Field implementation of technique and presence

**Bonus Session 6:  30 min.

-follow up phone call scheduled 2 weeks out for progress report and support.

Included in Package:

-Unlimited Email access
-Worksheets tailored to your session & desired outcome
-Vocal Warm-up album (10+ tracks) tailored to your voice
-Transformative breakthroughs that will influence every part of your life

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