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Vocal Coaching for Business



Are you a business professional, executive, or entrepreneur?

Do you find yourself straining to be heard, nervous before presenting in front of colleagues or a group, and/or not-so-confident during sales or promotional opportunities?

Or, would you like to strengthen your voice and presence to enhance your career?

Incredible business acumen, quick wit, and intuition make a great leader, however, when we let nerves and anxiety get in the way of sharing our empowered voice and authentic presence, people feel our hesitation or reservation.

We've created the Business Vocal Power Package for the passionate and engaged business professional, executive and/or entrepreneur, to help you transform the part of your self-expression that's holding you back, so you can up level your business, life, and self. Read about the package we've created. And if you're interested in working together, please fill out the inquiry form below.


5-Week Executive Vocal Power Package for Executives, Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs 


Session 1: VOCAL TECHNIQUE & BEGINNINGS (1.25 hrs.)

» Create Personalized Action Plan

» Essential Vocal Technique: Projection, breath support, enunciation, inflection

» Introductory vocal warm-ups

Session 2: YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE (1.25 hrs.)

» Connect vocal technique to the speaking voice

» Next level vocal warm-ups

» Harness your Authentic Voice: Connecting mind and heart

Session 3: FREEDOM IN VOICE + BODY (1.25 hrs.)

» Posture & alignment

» Vocal Freedom techniques: Relaxing the voice and mind

» Guided relaxation meditations for stress-relief and high impact work/life scenarios

Session 4: PRESENCE & UNSTOPPABILITY (1.25 hrs.)

» Getting Present

» Techniques to recognize and relieve anxiety/stress

» Being Present

» Techniques to public speaking and interacting with confidence, clarity and conviction

Session 5:  FIELD PRACTICE & TRANSFORM (1.25 hrs.)

» Field implementation of technique and presence

**Bonus Session 6:  30 min.

» Follow up phone call scheduled 2 weeks out for progress report and support.

Included in Package:

» Unlimited Email access

» Worksheets tailored to your session & desired outcome

» Vocal Warm-up album (10+ tracks) tailored to your voice

» Transformative breakthroughs that will influence every part of your life

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