Vocal Connecting for Couples

vocal connecting for couples



Open to Deeper Connection with Your Partner, Friend or Family Member

Create more intimacy through vulnerability, heart-centered communicating, relating with verbal & non-verbal sound, rhythm, and vocal harmony.

Vocal Connecting for Couples is for those couples that desire to delve deeper into their relating and intimacy with each other, and to go beyond the realms of what they thought was possible for understanding their partner, by way of one of our most sacred and personal attributes: the voice.



After having completed two online workshop series with Ariella, I knew that my husband and I would be in for a treat with her "Connecting for Couples" online session - but Matt (the aforementioned spouse) was a bit dubious. Being a person who frequently steps outside of her comfort zone, and even finds it fun, I knew that we would learn a lot about improving our connection as a couple, but I had no idea what to expect. Ariella led me and my rather self-conscious partner through a series of exercises (vocal improvisations, sustained eye contact, and more) many of which brought out the goofy side of our relationship - not that hard for us. What was more challenging were the serious moments of connecting, such as sustaining a minute of eye contact. It wasn't until that moment that we realized that we rarely spend that much time actually looking in to the eye of this other person with whom we share a life - and how odd THAT is. The next day, the once-suspicious-and-hesitant Matt thanked me for making the appointment for us, and said that it was actually the best thing we've done for ourselves as a couple. This is all to say that Ariella is able to bring even the most self-conscious person out of their shell, and then lovingly guide them along their path of becoming. She's a gifted teacher, and now she has not one, but two staunch fans in our household. Thank you, Ariella!

~Callie Schulman, Rabbi, CA


Session Details

Sessions are 90 minutes minimum, but will often run over 2 hrs. If a couple just wants to come once, they will gain solid tools to utilize after our work together. If they want to come 2-4 times, they will receive exercises to practice a few times between each session, to integrate the wisdom and connection them uncover during these sessions.

Guided Connecting

This is NOT in place of couples therapy or counseling, though it can create similar results. No experience is necessary, and the space is safe to let down your guard and connect with your partner on new levels, with a non-judgmental, compassionate, and grounded guide.

From the Comfort of Your Home

These sessions can be experienced in person or via Skype.  Both are equally powerful. You may record your sessions if you’d like.

Note: While these sessions are not sexually focused, there are elements that will be sensual (possible in all relating).

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